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Hiring Myself

Today I decided to hire myself. I needed some organizing help. My office desk had begin to gather clutter. I felt overwhelmed and overstimulated.

I put on my professional “self”. It was hard to not be judgmental. “Geez, what would my clients say if they saw this mess?” Well, we know it is easier to make decisions on someone’s else stuff. Now it was my turn.

I gathered my recycling and garbage bins. I took pause when I picked up the pretty floral box. It was empty. Yes, I had kept it with the thought “It could be useful. It’s so pretty!” Well, it has been on my desk for quite awhile so time to face reality and recycle it. I felt better to have made a decision.

Office supplies. I clearly have a soft spot for cute notebooks and paper clips. I posed this question earlier this week at a dinner with Professional Organizer colleagues: “What do you think is the attraction to office supplies? Anyone else notice this in themselves?” Hands went up and heads nodded in agreement. “They are useful and represent order” a colleague quipped. Hmm, excellent theory. Time to get back to the desk...

I gathered up the extra supplies and put them in my (on going!) donation bag. Full disclosure: I did keep one pretty notebook!

When the Time Timer went off after 20 minutes, I stopped. Perfect? Not by a long shot. Better? Yep. Small steps make a big difference.

Now, about that “To Do” list....

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