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Professional Organizer
Professional Organizer
Professional Organizer


Our Philosophy

We help people with strong emotional attachments to stuff.  The In Order to...Organize team specializes in organizing bright, intelligent, visual folks with multiple interests and passions.  We focus on a person’s strengths and utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to make improvements. The team will collaborate with family, friends and treatment providers to develop a comprehensive plan.  Clutter Groups use the book "Buried in Treasures"   by Tolin, Frost and Steketee.


We have been organizing adults, families and organizations for years.  We offer confidential virtual and onsite assistance at your home or place of work.  The In Order To...Organize team also offers support and treatment groups for clutter, chronic disorganziation and Hoarding Disorder.  We offer services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Chicago, and other locations. 

During this crisis, we are washing our hands a lot and working virtually. We offer sliding scale fees.

Together we can do this!




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