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Travel Organizer

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I returned a few days ago from a trip to Europe. I used the SMEAD Travel Organizer to organize my travel documents. I was skeptical as first, but really found it to be useful. It slid in and out of my travel bags easily for quick access. I used one for Italy and one for France. I did not label the tabs which allowed me to rearrange as needed during the trip. When I returned home, I put all the boarding passes and flight itineraries in one folder in my travel file. This will allow me to verify all my flights being recorded for frequent flyer miles. With the second folder, I put maps, memorabilia and postcards together and placed it in my “To Scrapbook” box in the art room. Sweet! Now, I simply need to schedule time to edit and print my best vacation photos. I highly recommend the SMEAD Travel Organizer and may be purchasing more for keeping other project organized.

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