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Changing Thought Patterns

Spoke to a hoarding client yesterday about her struggle. She battles the compulsion of bringing too many unwanted, free items into her home. “Someone puts items out on the curb or near the garbage bins. I slow down and wonder “Hmm, that looks interesting. It still has potential and should not be thrown away. I’m not sure what I will do with it but ....” Get the picture?

If you struggle with this scenario, try to substitute an alternative thought in before you are opening the trunk to load that “treasure”:

“I am going to leave the item so someone more needy with the time and space can take it home. I have plenty, so I will leave it for today.”

Refrain from driving back to “check” on the item. Remember, there are “pickers” all over, even at the garbage transfer station! If it’s really useful, it will be “saved” from the garbage. You have other goals in your life right now, so let it go.

More tips on changing your thoughts about your stuff can be found on the “In Order To...Organize!” Facebook page. “Like” us today for weekly ideas and dialogue.

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